Cutting machine

Cutting machine SCM-14

Electric motors power (voltage 380 V):
Broaching – 4 kW
Fitting – 11 kW
Cutting – 4 kW

Broaching speed – 50/65 m/min

Reinforcement Ø mm ≤ 700 N/mm2 4-14

Bars length - 900-8600 mm

Cutting error - ± 5 mm

Fitting error – ± 2 mm/m Dimensions

LхHхW  - 310х115х85 cm

Weight – 1500 kg

- The machine is used for the erection and chopping of circular section reinforcement with streamlined and periodic profiles of up to Ø 14 mm

- All the bends are protected by steel covers

- Convenient hand and pedal operation for the operator

- The machine is equipped with off-carriage control panel, which provides for the possibility of setting the necessary number of bars for fitting

- Maximum line length is 8 meters. Minimum piece is 900 mm

- Three motors are installed in the machine. The first is responsible for reinforcement broaching, the second puts the rotating drum into operation, the third regulates the work of the hydraulic knife

- Convenient machine transportation thanks to the removable wheels

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