The GK VPK service center provides maintenance and warranty service on the territory of Russian Federation for the equipment produced under the Volk trade name. The GK VPK service center guarantees the high quality of its work, reasonable prices and suitable deadlines.

The GK VPK service center provides the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Inspection and diagnostics;
  • Warranty and post-warranty repair;
  • Design and production of different parts and units;
  • Technical consultations.

Application order for equipment repair and maintenance at the GK VPK service center:

  1. In the event that any equipment under the Volk trade name breaks down, you should immediately turn to the supply company with which you effected the purchase and sale transaction and inform them of the breakdown. You should fill in a damage certificate in advance: DOWNLOAD DAMAGE CERTIFICATE
  2. After having reached an agreement with the manager you should deliver the equipment to the GK VPK service center (or deliver it with the help of a transport company) together with the completed damage certificate.
  3. Our representatives will make a delivery-acceptance certificate for you and the inspection will then be carried out in turn.
  4. After the inspection you will officially receive a technical examination certificate, where the reasons for the breakdown and the service activities cost (if it is not a warranty repair) are detailed.
  5. At this stage you have the right to reject the services of the GK VPK service center or to officially request a service invoice.
  6. After payment for equipment repair services has been made, the GK VPK service center will carry out those technical works, enumerated in the technical examination certificate.

Work schedule:

Monday – Friday 8.45-18.15   Lunch break 13.00-13.45

Saturday – Sunday – day off